Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hello all,
The language is progressing along faster than you would think but at the same time frustratingly slow. I haven't had any misspeaks yet that I know about. I´ll keep you posted.
My companion, Elder Bernardo, is about 5' 7", 19yrs old, and a Brazilian. For the most part, he is like a normal 19yr old but he is Brazilian, so different. I'ts hard to explain. For example, he like all Brazilians. They don't have any `real` traffic laws so they drive ,walk, ride wherever they want, I'm like ``elder let's be careful. I don't want to get run over.`` But he is fearless. I guess its a cultural thing.
I haven't met with my mission president yet. I haven't had any contact with him yet. I don't know if that's normal or what but we will see.
I am serving in the area of Maumaguape in the city of Guarabira, Brazil about 2hrs inland by bus. I am in the Guarabira branch. It has 50-60 people in it and they are all so passionate about the gospel and missionary work. It is truly amazing. I wish that y'all could see it. I live in the city in an apartment that is what I pictured it to be.
The only thing that I really wish for is a/c. Here the only people with it are government buildings, doctors and the like, or tourist spots. I want to avoid the first 2 and am-in general- not supposed to go to the 3rd. so yeah.
The work is progressing and moving forward at a good speed. We baptized 2 of the children of the man I baptized last week, which was really cool. We are teaching 2 families and 4 others so we are very busy. I love the fact that the people here love God. We have 2 neighborhoods that are 2-3 miles away and often instead of walking we can stick out hands out and people will stop because they love God, and want to help ``God's men``.
This week, we were passing by a lady named, Isabel, and we had a nice lesson about prayer. We left to go to lunch and we had about 10 extra minutes so we were going to walk slow. I then had the thought, "go and visit claudia and another investigator in that neighborhood." So, I told my comp and we did. Claudia's brother had just been stabbed to death and we were able to share a message about our purpose, life after death, and the plan of salvation. Needless to say, we were late to lunch but we had a really spiritual moment with her and we are now in much better standing with her as she was wavering before that. I am glad that I was able to receive that revelation. It is an important lesson in always being worthy because you never know when you will be needed. I
I hope that y'all are well. Don't go towards the long tunnel with the bright light.

Elder Brett Wilson

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  1. What an amazing experience Brett! It is quite the feeling to know that Heavenly Father is working through you to accomplish things He wants. What a testimony to you as well that God has each of his children in mind. I am happy for you and your ability to be on a mission and doing so much good there. You are so blessed. Love you, Aunt Teesh!