Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014

My zone conferences are during the first week of the month.
Transfers are every 6 weeks but because i am being trained i wont get a transfer for 2 more months so early April i will lose my trainer.
The Olympics aren't a big deal here, i have heard literally nothing about them. But in comparison, i have heard a lot about the World Cup, you know the one that is still 6 months away. The other night, we were walking and we saw an entire neighborhood around the local bars' TV for a match between the 2 main teams in Paraiba (my current state). It was crazy to see. Soccer really is a religion here.
I don't know about my zone since i have only met them once and there are 20 others. In my district, my comp is from Sao Paulo, 2 of the sisters are from Utah, one sister is from Sao Paulo, and the other sister is from Georgia.

Tthe weather here isn't crazy. It's hot everyday and about 60 percent of the time it will rain in the afternoon, like alot. There isn't such a thing as a ``sprinkling`` here. It's cats and dogs but that's all right.
This week my comp commented that though I am an American, my tongue is a Brazilian because apparently its weird that i like all of the Brazilian food i have eaten. I just laughed because its not like i go looking for bad food to eat.
Also, because i am blond, people here, when we are walking or talking with them, call out to me "òi aleman vem aqui", or "hey German come here". I have started introducing myself as Elder Wilson, a missionary for the church and an American learning Portuguese. After about the 13th time in one day, you get tired of being called a German.
Our district had 2 baptisms on Sunday - 2 really cool people. I performed the ordinance and it was special. I could really feel God's love for these people. I want to baptize every week.
Tell Brandon to enjoy the MTC and learn as much as he can because the field is way harder and not at all like the MTC.
We are teaching this couple, David and Vanimi . Vanimi has been reading the Book of Mormon by herself and writing down words she doesn't understand and questions like``why was it okay for Nephi to kill Laban?`` She is awesome. Her husband has some bigger doubts but we are working with him. At the end of the last lesson, they agreed to pray about the truth of the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, they are visiting family until Thursday. I really hope that their family doesn't `corrupt` them because they are close.
It's summer here so all of the fruit trees are in season (con forca), which is great for us because the members can't eat all of their fruit so they are giving some of it to us...fresh mango straight from the tree may be one of life's great pleasures followed by fresh sugar cane. mmmmm :).
Mom, it's funny that you met a Brazilian in the way you did (MaryAnne was at a doctor and starting talking to a fellow that is from Brazil) because all Brazilians are like that. They love Brazil. The other day, i was talking with an investigator and he found out that i am from Texas. He asked if i loved Texas, which naturally, i said yes. He paused and asked me in all seriousness, `you know that God is a Brazilian right`. It was really funny and the perfect example of how they feel about Brazil.
I am well here and my blisters are gone so i am walking pretty.
Thanks for the prayers, Y'all are in mine.

Elder Brett Wilson

February 3, 2014

house keeping. i received the dear elder letter that you sent on Jan 14th. The way mail works here, I get physical mail once a month at zone meeting unless you work in the office because that is where all the mail goes through. The average time for mail is 3 weeks to 6 weeks, for a package 2-3months.


I have given no service yet.
I have a fan in my apartment and it is wonderful. I thank God for it in my prayers every night.
In guarabira there are very few bugs but it really just depends on where you are in the mission.
The ward mission leader is awesome. He is always looking to help us.
We don't actually have dinner appointments, we have lunch appointments and we have those through the members every day except pday. It's like I said, they love missionaries here.
I met with my mission prez this week. He has been serving since July. It wasn't much though - just a hi, welcome, do you have any probs, or need, we love you and are here for you. Nice but not much.

This week was a down week for missionary work in our city. Our district had 3 baptisms scheduled for Sat. and they all fell through. (hospital, relapse smoking, and one father changed his mind about giving approval). I guess that we just have to work harder. My companion blames himself for the lack of baptisms. He thinks that because he is district leader he could of done something more to help them be baptised. He isn't depressed. He just says ``we need to do better this week, okay lets go to work."
I had my first rain storm this week and then my second and third. It's funny - we walk and I use my umbrella (which is so nice) but its not quite big enough for all of me so my lower third is wet from the rain and the rest of me is sweating. It's more amusing than anything.
I love the Book of Mormon. We were teaching a family and one of the family members said I don't believe you because there can't be anything more than the Bible. My comp started to explain about how God gives his word to all people ect. I just said ``this is simple. I know this to be the truth and the word of God. This book is special because it is the only book with a test. I read her the Moroni promise and told her to do it. I gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she said that she would do it. We go back tomorrow to meet with them again. But the Book of Mormon is awesome because as Joseph Smith said ``it has the power to confound the wicked, and eliminate false doctrines teachings and beliefs.``
As for your investigators, Mom, give her a Book of Mormon and bring in the missionaries. You should get them involved because she will need to meet with them before she can be baptized, ect and they do this for a ``living``.

this week i had `cervada'. It is a drink that is brewed from a nut and tastes nutty and sweet. It looks and smells like coffee. I asked my comp what it was and he said coffee. He let me think that I was drinking Brazilian coffee for about 10 minutes. I even commented that it was funny because in America we don't drink coffee. He then finally busted out laughing and told the truth.
I hope y'all are well.
I'm glad that grandpa's ear will get better.

Elder Brett Wilson