Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 11, 2014

I am traveling on Tuesday and I dont know when my pday will be when i get to the mission so here it is.
This week, we committed our investigator, Augustino, to baptism. This was a big step for him since he had a difficult time with the concept of us having priesthood authority. I am busy packing.
Packing to leave the MTC is much harder than I would have thought at the beginning of my time here. I'm sorry i dont really have much to say (though i am sure that ya'll will have lots when i call on Monday). I was reading the Book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon and I had the thought that pretty much all of the Nephite nation was wicked and yet they chose one of the few righteous among them to be their leader (Mormon). This is just a testament that even if someone is doing wrong and evil, they still recognize good and the fact that those people have extra power/blessings. This may be part of the reason that Jesus said, "Let your light so shine before man, that they may see your good works".
I am excited to be flying out to Brazil to begin the main part of my mission. We did Skype with native Brazilians and I was able to understand most of what they said. So, i am feeling pretty good about my Portuguese but i am sure that will change once i get to Brazil. I got your package today with the kool-aid in it and it will be much appreciated in Brazil. I also received the journals from Uncle Denny. Tell him thanks from me or send me his email so i can express gratitude myself. Also, thank you for the healthy snacks they came at just the right moment because after a time there is only so much candy that you can eat and when many of your relatives send you candy it ends up piling up. All of my district has been well fed with the stuff sent to me.  It is really nice of everyone.
got to go.
Elder Brett Wilson

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