Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 7, 2014

Dear all,
On New Years Eve, we had Elder Ballard come and speak to us. He spoke about the Atonement and making changes. The point that struck me was that when we try to make a change, if you only last a week and then you fail, you are now one week better for that. Now, you can now use that progress to build to 2 weeks, to a month, to the rest of your life.
I guess that y'all haven't gotten my letter with the news yet. so i will just tell you I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I will be departing here next Monday for Brazil along with 3 others in my district, including my companion. But none of us are flying together. We are allowed to call from the airport so I will be calling from Atlanta at about 7pm-ish (central time) next Monday.
Brett's companion - Elder Voorhies - A Dutch young man from Lubbock, Texas

In interviews with the district presidency, we discuss my progress and any problems that I have or are in my district. I am singing in choir and it is enjoyable, mostly because that is a hour, twice a week, that I am not in the classroom. lol. My daily schedule is get up go to breakfast. Then, I have a 3hr block with a teacher(Portuguese, how to teach, progressing investigator,etc.). Then, study, lunch, language study, gym, more study, dinner, another 3hr block with a teacher, personal time, bed. It's about 9 hrs total in my classroom.

This week as I said earlier, I got my visa which was probably the highlight. Also, I got a light saber, and learned how to bend gravity (see pics).
A spiritual insight that I have had this week is that we were saved for this last dispensation. Out of all of the people who could of been picked - Abraham, Moses, Peter, Nephi, Moroni, God chose us, he wouldn't leave this final dispensation to chance. he chose people that he knows he can count on. Let's not let him down.
In other news, in my final week at the MTC, my district has now received our 6th teacher because of the way it happened with us being here between semesters at BYU. Don't of our teachers stayed the same, it was just the other one that kept changing.
Here we don't have any pollen. I'm sure that it all died and went to pollen afterlife. But I'm sorry for y'all all the same. One frustration of the mission life: we have an investigator (Augustino) who know the Book of Mormon is true but can't quite accept that Joseph Smith was a prophet or that we have the correct priesthood authority despite the fact that those are connected. I think that we are making progress. It would probably be best to ship the journals to Joao Pessoa because I don't know if they would get here by Saturday morning because the mailroom closes early on Sat and I fly out early on Monday.
Im glad y'all enjoyed New Years. It was fun here too, especially when at midnight we were woken up by some people who were right outside the fence yelling "Happy New Years America, You're the best" over and over. It was funny at first but then it turned annoying. Such is the life of a missionary.

Bound for Brazil

Elder Brett Wilson

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