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December 31, 2013

Hello all,
For Christmas, i also received some presents from grandma/pa wilson. they gave me a motab cd, and a 1/4th size preach my gospel which is actually really nice.

Thank you everyone for sending me stuff throughout the holidays! It was wonderful!!!
My new Teacher is irmão cristani. He went to his mission in south são paulo. He has been teaching us portuguese that is taylored to brazil, as well as cultural things like after you eat a meal with someone it is polite to pull on you ear and say "quinche" a little weird but i like it.
The people in my zone who got their visas found out when it showed up in their mailbox. No one in my district has gotten their visa yet; they are all going to brazil but to one of 2 missions. At this point, if i get my visa i will finish here and fly out on jan 13th.
For Christmas, we also had Elder Bednar come and we had a talent show. It was mostly the usual dancing/ instruments/singing but one guy did magic which was sweet. Also, we got a concert from Gladys Knight.

I am doing really well. Thanks for the Texas flag. idk if I've mentioned it but my comp is from Lubbock and another of my roommates is from Allen, Texas.

Elder Voorhies, Brett's companion

My district. From left to right Elder Booth(a), Elder Mitchell(b), Elder Stotts(a), Elder Buechele(b), Elder Voorhies, Me, Elder Russell(d), Elder Mendoza(d)

So, the flag is appreciated as we are all conceited about being from Texas (and proud of it).lol. Like I said earlier, we all like our new teacher. He is a byu student and really funny. apparently about once a month he gets stomach troubles. They started when he came home from Brazil, so here's hoping that doesn't happen to me. We are teaching an investigator named Augustino. He is progressing fast but he is having some trouble and doubts about the priesthood, so we are trying to figure it out. His theory is that he saw his pastor cast out a demon and that was priesthood authority. so yeah. The district that was older than us left yesterday so now our district is the top dog in our zone. We will find out today who the new zone leaders are going to be.

I was reading the book, "Our Heritage", and I have been amazed at the levels of persecution that the early pioneers went through. I am extremely grateful. I am trying to live up to the legacy that they left behind. I would highly recommend that you read that book.

Tonight we are going (supposedly) to have an apostle for a new years eve devotional. My district is ushering so maybe we will get to meet him beforehand. An elder on my floor got some Monster energy drink in the mail today and he plans to use it to celebrate New Years. It should be funny to see how wired he gets after being away from "substances" for a month now.

Reason number 4 to go on as mission: You get to hear from at least one general authority every week.

I hope that yall are well. thanks for the pics.

Elder Wilson

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