Monday, December 30, 2013

December 24, 2013

Dear Family,
I am so glad that ya'll are well this time of year. My district got a new Portuguese teacher because the old one is leaving to start an internship. It is a good thing because the new one served in Brazil and not Portugal, so we are excited.

It has been snowing for the past few days and so we have renamed Utah-Hoth. It seems fitting. Christmas is tomorrow but it almost doesn't seem like it because life goes on here at the mtc. Being here during this time of year has given me a unique point of view about Christmas. When we turn towards others, all of the little things seem to disappear/lose importance. That is kind of what we are feeling in the mtc. Because we are solely focused on others, all of the material things about Christmas seem to go away (don't get me wrong, I am still glad for the gifts :)).

As we were at our Sunday night devotional, I had an impression - when the angels went and sang to the shepherds of the Savior's birth, we were among them. So, whenever we do anything to announce Christ we should try to do it with that same angelic zeal.

It is rumored that we will be getting 2 apostles tomorrow for Christmas but nobody actually knows who they are so we are all waiting with baited breath. I have been reading the book "Our Heritage" and I am so grateful for the sacrifices that the early saints made to build the kingdom.

In other news, there is an elder in the other Portuguese zone on our floor who has correctly dreamed about 5 different missionaries getting their visas so i asked him to dream for me. I dont think that it will work but I figure that it couldn't hurt.

Reason number 3 to go on a mission: the mtc is full of cool things and new experiences. My comp and I found a room full of pillows, and my district is spending P-day playing Dungeons and Dragons(I was skeptical but it has been enjoyable. I am a level 3 battle mage. lol. That sounded weird to say out loud). I hope that ya'll are good. Enjoy Christmas.

Taylor, Do your PT. The next time we play bball, I don't want to win because you are in a wheelchair.
Matthew, Don't take a lacrosse stick to the nose. It hurts.
Nicole, How was your Christmas party, did you do anything cool?
Leanne: Keep coloring. One day you will be great
Dad: Don't you just love tech support?
Mom: You are so awesome.

Elder Brett Wilson

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