Monday, December 30, 2013

December 17, 2013

I got my contacts. The language is coming along well but as always i wish it were faster. I am one of the best in my district with the language and several of them are getting frustrated at their rate of learning, so try to keep them in my prayers.
We had a devotional from Elder Cook about our purpose as a missionary. I realized that we have a sacred and special assignment and we need to do our best to fulfill that obligation. 
we had the BYU Men's Choir come and do a singing devotional for us. It was really cool.
In our Narnia holes we found some change, bubbles and a bow and arrow made out of pen parts and rubber bands. I got my Christmas package this morning, We are thoroughly enjoying the Christmas candy and thank you for the stocking and candy calendar. I look forward to opening my presents.

The MTC is amazing and I feel that I have grown so much more than I would have thought in only 2 weeks. The spirit of the MTC truly is a miracle worker. We finished up with our first investigator. He didn't get baptized. But that is okay because the investigator, Edgar, was being played by one Brother Whitaker who is now our other teacher. He was portraying a person he taught on his mission, and he didn't baptize that investigator either.
Congratulations Matthew on your calling. Remember that you have this calling because the Lord trusts you. Don't let Him down. Are ya'll ready for Christmas? It is rapidly approaching. Unfortunately, i will not be able to call home for Christmas because of the logistics of the MTC :(

Taylor/ Matthew,
Reason number 2 to go on a mission: You get to hang out with a bunch friends all day. The MTC/missions aren't easy but I am seriously having the most fun that I have had in a long time.
So, I heard that Mack Brown resigned and I shouted out with joy, " YES, Mack brown resigned." My companion comes rushing in because he was in the room across the hall and he heard "YES, my grandpa died" and he was wondering why I was happy about that. lol. I guess that you don't have to be speaking Portuguese to be lost in translation.
We got our next investigator his name is Cristem. He is not really interested in anything and when I told him to first vision in Portuguese from memory (impressive, right) he did nothing and thought that it was a cool story. so, Elder Voorhies and I have our work cut out for us. I learned this week from Elder Cook that when as a missionary you are righteous and working hard then you are entitled to revelation. So that is my week's goal.
Pet Scout for me.

Love Elder Wilson

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