Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 15, 2014 - First email from BRAZIL!!!!

Dear all,
I am well here in Brazil. I made it through customs easier than I thought it would be. I guess that they didn't consider me a threat. lol. I met my comp/trainer. His name is Elder Bernardo. He is a Brazilian from Sao Paulo. I am glad that he is from Brazil because this will help me to learn faster. I met President Nogureira (pronounced no-gear-a) and his wife. They seem like cool people.
When I was in the airport in Rio de Janiero, I was trying to figure out the customs/bags/security and out of nowhere this guy comes up to me and offers to help. He is a Mormon who works in the airport. He helped me to get everything in order and be on my way. He was truly god sent and it just affirmed my testimony that God knows us and sends help in our times of need. I am going contacting tonight so that should be fun/interesting and a little nerve wracking because i don't speak very good Portuguese yet. But it will come with time.
My assigned area is a town called Guarabira, 60 percent ish of people here drive motorcycles and not cars. Here, they have a drink called guadana. It comes from the inside of a green coconut and it tastes interesting. It's not unpleasant but definitely not American (just like almost everything else here but that's not a bad thing).
I know that I am here to do the Lord's work and I know that I am right where the Lord needs me. I can't wait to help him do His work.
Elder Brett Wilson

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