Friday, March 7, 2014

March 5, 2014

Again, i am late with the email. This time because of Carnaval. All of the businesses were shut down on Monday and Tuesday to celebrate.
Anyway, I had an insight this week about all the cold y'all had...maybe our fruit trees will actually give us fruit this year. when I'm not here - go figure.
Anyway, this week we taught and taught and taught and it finally paid off. We have a baptism marked for this Sunday with one of our investigators and funny older gentleman named Manuel. It's funny...we did our original contact with his son and when we started teaching his son he was there and told us that he would like to hear more. It is truly a miracle (or it will be when he is baptized). The people of Brazil are great!
So to preface, down here they have 2 types of mango - green and orange. The orange are like what we have in the USA. The green are far superior. They have more of a tangy flavor.  The other night, we were teaching this family and they found out about my love for green mangos. The mother told me to follow her so I did.  On her back porch was a tub of green mangos. She told me to take some so I tried to take 3 and she ushered me out of the way and put 8 more in the bag. Awesome!
So, this Friday night through Tuesday afternoon was Acompamento for the youth. It is a cross between youth conference and efy. The thing that is notable/a little humorous is that Carnaval is from Saturday to Tuesday and that is the same time as acompamento. I'm sure that there is something here about avoiding the evils of the world. I will let you figure it out.
This week, I broke down and picked my futbol team. Everyone here has to have a team regardless of how much you know about soccer or what country you are from. So, i did it in the most logical way possible --- which jersey I liked the best :). So, I am now and forever more a Sao Paolo Dragon supporter. 
My companion is from Sao Paolo. His team is the Sao Paolo Dragons. He didn't want to influence me in my choice so he waited outside the store for me while i picked. I chose and here is the funny part when I walked out of the store with my jersey and asked him "hey, what team is this?" He said, and I quote, "It's Sao Paolo, baby, the best freaking team in the world." Then, he made me give him a high five. As you can probably figure, he was pleased.
Also, in other news, I got 2 new Brazilian roomates because of transfers. One has about 8 months and according to my companion is a slacker. The other is a greenie fresh from the MTC. So, i guess we will see how much work they do. My comp, being the dl, is worried. 
Now overall, we have 8 missionaries in Guarabira, which is good the work is moving forward. The bad is that we have to find a new apartment. Ours technically fits 4 but in reality is great for 2.
Thanks for the prayers,
elder b wilson

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