Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 24, 2014

1. Do your shoes ever dry with all of the rain and humidity? Yes, my shoes are normally dry because it rains in the mornings when it rains. Then, it is hot for the rest of the day. But the last few weeks we have been having less and less rain, and more cooling wind. It's still hot and sunny but its definitely a blessing (or the start of fall depending on your beliefs)
2. How are the mosquitos? Mosquitos arent a problem here exept for one neighborhood that is about 4 miles from the city. Probably because of the fields around that neighborhood. idk we arent there very often.
3. Will it get colder their in the fall and winter? Probably. Will it ever be cool or cold? Doubtful. But i keep it in my prayers anyway. who knows?
4. Will you ever go to the temple while you are in Brazil? No, I wont ever go to the temple during my mission here in brazil. The temple is about 5-6 hours away from me now and 3-4 hours away from the nearest location in mission joao pessoa. Unfortunate but as one missionary said here "the work of a missionary isn't to get people to the temple, it's to get them to the waters of baptism and the baptism by fire (the holy ghost). It's the job of the ward/branch (with a little help from the missionaries) to get the new converts the the temple for their saving ordinances. and so it is.
 5. Do you expect to be transferred soon? T
ransfers are april 9ish. Apparently, the odds are that i will be transferred, then i will have one, maybe two transfers (wherever i am) then i will be training...not a happy thought. My portuguese is incredilbe for my situation but its not anywhere close yet.

This week, we didnt have a baptism but on the flip side in sacrament meeting, we had 117 people there...a record. The branch prez thanked the missionaries from the pulpit for their hard work. gratifying.

Also, this week we made really good progress with several weak investigators, including one named david. His wife vanini has been ready for baptism for about a month but wouldn' do it without david. So, when he told us that he thinks that he probably need to be baptized, it was a fist pump moment.

This week we made a bet with our roommates (other companionship) for who could do more contacts in one day. We did 50. and lost. They did 51. freak. So, we had to buy them bolo. It's like squash pie cake, but in many flavors. really good. My comp said and I quote, "we're not doing any contacts for a week." lol
i hope that all is well in the home land, my time is up see you next week
elder brett wilson

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