Friday, March 7, 2014

February 24, 2014

Sorry for the late reply. This week is transfers so my pday is on Wednesday. It didn't really affect me though because i am staying in Guarabira with my trainer. We did get one new companionship here in our district. It is elders so we are going to have to move because our apartment was great for 2 people but it doesn't work very well with 4.

So on Wednesday, we did splits with the zone leaders. They were good. The best part was that my comp and elder southwick went to an area called Mutirao.  This had previously been a bad unfruitful area but they went and found many new people to teach and the majority of them came to church on Sunday. So, we have been very busy in that neighborhood.

This week, the district leader (also my comp) made the focus of the week, miracles. And that's what we have been working for. We had one (almost) so last Sunday this man and his children show up and say they have taken all of the lessons in Brasilia, They have just moved here and decided that they need to be baptized. So, we scheduled their baptism after checking their story out. The problem is that when we went to visit them on Friday, the father was literally in the middle of smoking marijuana with his buddies. Apparently, he didn't quite understand the word of wisdom :). So, we retaught it and he committed to live it. We go back tomorrow to see the results.

Besides that this week was good. Because of the new transfer we have re prioritized and focused our work better. We have been working hard but we decided that now we are going to work smart, mostly that means cutting out the fat. We have a plan. Now, lets see how well we stick to it. On that same theme of miracles, over the last week or so I have noticed and my comp has commented that I am understanding almost everything that is said to me, or around me. This is truly a gift from God and a major blessing. Now, i just need to learn to talk back to them after they speak to me.

Have a good week,
Elder Brett Wilson

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