Friday, March 7, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hello all,
- Yes, zach and i have regular correspondence.
- My investigators survived their family. We have about 8 that we are teaching right now. We get most of our investigators by member references or by talking to random people on the street.
- I can and do teach in Portuguese, actually that is when i am at my best with Portuguese (I'm sure that there's a reason for that, the spirit or something like that). It's just with normal conversation that i have a hard time with.
- There are a few normal things- like pringles, club crackers, peanut m&ms and then things like rice,eggs,fruit. I found chocolate pudding last week. So yeah, I bought that. Other than what i have named, there are only Brazilian brands which some of them are similar but they aren't the same, like not even close. They have cereal but it is really expensive so i haven't tried it yet.
- Yes, the members have pets, mostly dogs or birds. But for those families that don't have pets, there is always a stray dog within a few blocks.
- The members are willing to help us. The problem is that our area is spread out so it is sometimes difficult to get a member who is in the area that we are teaching in. But if we ask, then they will almost always help.
This week was difficult for the work. We had 8 commitments for church and none of them showed up, and our baptism commitment backed out because of her husband's doubts. sigh. But I am well and the sun is shining. Maybe with all of the cold weather, we will actually get some fruit this year.
Congrats with your missionary work. It is truly amazing the way that the Lord opens doors and hearts when we are looking to share the gospel with others.
This week we had mission conference with a member of the area 70 presidency. It was good and there was one talk that struck me about how no matter where we are or what we do we are always leaving a legacy. So, the question is "what is yours?" Something to think about. The conference was also good because i got to catch up with my friends from the MTC. It is truly a great feeling to see how well they are progressing and growing on their mission and to know that they see the same growth in me.
But despite the bad, we did have a baptism this week from a companionship of sisters in my district. It was the last son in a family of recent converts. I baptized them all so it was really cool. It's funny when the youth found out that I am American they often come up to me and ask me the meanings of song names or of the lyrics. I have to explain the figurative language of music in my broken Portuguese...kind of frustrating but funny at the same time.
I hope that you are well. Remember with this work it's not about the money its about sending a message, "also i can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."

elder Brett Wilson

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