Friday, June 27, 2014

May 19, 2014 - new companion, Karma, testimony strengtheners

Questions: How is it working with Elder Castro?
How was Miguel's baptism?
Are there many sisters serving in your mission?

Answers: life is all karma. remember my comments to elder Wilkins about his comp. yeah you can probably guess what happened. i now have my first comp that i don't like or is not as easy to like. elder Castro is an organizational nut. he is gold out the wazoo. its driving me crazy. or it will here soon. also he doesn't like sports (yeah i know right. i have to luck to have the one Brazilian who doesn't like soccer :)). we don't have much to talk about in general. we are pretty opposite and he is my senior comp. so we have to do things his way. this is terrible and i am having a difficulty with it. i am trying to take it as a test of my humility/patience. any advice is welcome. what i have contrived to help me like/work with him better is during my personal prayers i thank god for 5 things about elder Castro. we´ll see how it works.  

Miguel was not baptized and will not be until August. In the past, too many missionaries were baptizing kids and just kids, because they are easy, so those missionaries have numbers. the prez made a rule that if they are under 16 they need to attend church consistently for 3 months before being baptized. Miguel is 15-until march. dang it. 

idk how many sisters we have but i think that its about an average amount. we don't have any in my district here but we have 8 in our zone.
well i may not like my comp but i cant fault his work ethic. this week we have been running like crazy. lots of lessons, especially with inactives, elder Castro has a goal to increase the attendance here from 30 to 45,  this week in the WOW category. we were talking with this less active teenager - asking for referrals, and i jokingly said ```yeah, do you know anyone who is 16 or older, doesn't drink,or smoke, is married on paper, and likes god? about 3 seconds later her friend, Angela, showed up. she fits the mold. wow. we haven't taught her yet but she accepted our invitation to teach her/come to church with us. so that was really,really cool.  

this week we talked with 2 inactives- luinda and Jose. they are inactive about a year now. and we asked how their life is. they responded that its not good. we asked when it started going down hill. they said about a year ago. now I'm not a rocket scientist but i think that there might be a correlation here. one thing that i have learned here on a mission is that life is better when you keep that commandment and do what your supposed to. it makes me sad when people cant see that fact, like them even after we explained this correlation, and they agreed to go to church. they didn't the wife was washing clothes, and the husband was sleeping. come on people, overcome the natural man. the laziness that we all have inside and choose the right. that goes for all of you out there. Heavenly Father says (repeatedly) in the book of Mormon. ``if you keep my commandment ye shall prosper in the land`` i affirm that statement to be true. got to go.

love elder wilson

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