Friday, June 27, 2014

June 2, 2014 - finding the elect, I love new socks!

Questions you asked:
What are the names of your investigators?
What interesting thing have you learned about Brazil this week?
What did you learn at your last zone conference?

investigators: mara, elite, jo, lenia, arnoldo, raniel, mateus, and a few more I'm forgetting. this week i learn that i hate banks in Brazil. so in the local(and only bank) 3 of the 4 atms are broken, and the day we received money the one working atm ran out of money, so yeah that was annoying. 

at my last zone conference, they talked about the importance of making firm commitments with your investigators.

house keeping- this week i received a package from y'all with my blister free socks, i like them a lot. not because of blisters\(my feet are callused and ugly) but for the new sock feeling. thanks.
I love my new socks!!!
so this week ``winter`` hit. not that is cold but that everyone is getting sick. you know runny nose, coughing, sneezing ect. including my comp. but he´s on some medicine now so i think that he´s improving. 

in the biggest and BEST news this week....... we baptized a man named miguel. it was awesome. he was/ is truly elect and ready for the gospel. also awesome, his wife (who he is legally married to) wants to be baptized as well. :) one thing that they don't tell you before your mission is that your whole purpose is to baptize, to open the gate for people to get to heaven. here is a pic of him. 
Me, Miguel, and Elder Castro
its funny every time i write you an email and say that it hasn't rained- it rains a lot. I'm sure that there is some irony here. happy summer to all y'all. Don't spend too much time watching TV. 

this week we had a multi zone conference in joão pessoa with prez nogueira, it was really good he talked about our duty to the members in our areas and how when we help them, we gain their trust which helps us. so just know if a missionary is helping you its because they want a referral. lol.

sorry about the email last week. idk what happened. thanks for the prayers. I need them. 

i really don't want to get sick here. Brazilian doctors are on my list of Brazilian things i don't want to experience, along with prisons, and intestinal bugs. to name a few. 

the past few weeks we've been working with an less active couple, jose and sedinha and they are now re- activated and have a date set to legally marry and go to the temple. amazing is the power of the atonement to change lives. 

oh yeah here is the cool story with Miguel -- so before church he went to get a hair cut and was talking to the barber.``yeah I'm going to church and will be baptized today``
cool which church
the church of Jesus Christ, ``the Mormons``
you should leave while you still can. i was talking to this preacher from the assembly of god and he said that Mormons are a ring of child kidnappers.
``that's not true, its a church full of good people trying to humbly follow god, and Jesus´ example in doing whats right``
``but they also have this other bible full of satanic chants
``no. they have the book of Mormon which is another guide for our lives on how to improve everyday through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. it was written by prophets just like the bible``.

when he told us that story i just wanted to hug him and never let go. not even a member yet and standing up for the truth to the confounding of false doctrine. when you hear an experience like that, it makes your struggles much easier to deal with. god is great. 

i was having a hard time here and then we met Manuel and when you meet an elect life just turns so much better. god is truly watching out for us, finding Manuel was truly a tender mercy of the lord. got to go.

love brett

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