Thursday, June 26, 2014

May 14, 2014 - Transfers but staying in Itaporoca, meeting Miguel

happy almost bday dad. 

i am still doing well here in Brazil. the last few day its rained cats and dogs. but i haven't drowned so that's good. 

we have been teaching this teenager named Miguel and he agreed to be baptized this Sunday. he is a huge miracle. so i met him when we were doing a split with the other missionaries. me and elder Munoz were doing contacts and we met this inactive teen, Alex, and his friend Miguel. they both accepted our invitation to go the family home evening that we have in the church on Thursday and then were at mutual on Saturday and church Sunday. in the words on Miguel, "this is really cool, when do you guys have activities because i want to go to them all? (this is where my jaw drops)...awesome! he read the Book of Mormon and recognized an answer on his own. He even introduced us to his sister who we are now teaching. it is just wonderful the way that some people are just prepared for the gospel. also its great when you find them compared with the maulies that you often have to deal with.

so this week (today) is transfers. i am staying in itapororoca for at least another 6 weeks. my comp did change though. i am now with a Brazilian named elder Castro, he has 7 months on a mission, he seems likable enough but i don't know him well enough to judge yet. i guess that this means that i will go back to only hearing Portuguese (which is probably for the better) and some of my jokes will fall flat because he doesn't have the American background. oh well i can live with that. 

my other American roommate, elder Wilkins it annoyed with the way transfers happened, because he is still here for his 4th transfer in a row, and even more he is still with elder Munoz, for the 3rd straight. elder Wilkins has trouble with elder Munoz which is a little funny, because elder Munoz is elder Wilkins' "son", meaning he trained him. i just keep telling him not to worry because in the words of Nephi "it came to pass". eventually he will have a different situation. God is in control and there is more he can learn. of course its easier to say that when you aren't in a situation like his. 

my gospel thought for the week is this: its important to always be pushing forward in the gospel. in Lehi's dream, the only ones that made it to the tree were the ones who kept moving forward. my football coach used to ask after a workout/practice, "did you get better or worse today?" you never stay the same. if you are not staying with God, then you are in the power of Satan. do what it right, and it is that much easier to do what is right again, the same thing with doing the wrong. its like skipping a workout, it's that much harder to workout the next day. Living the gospel isn't easy, but it is definitely worth it.

hope y'all are well. thanks for the support.

love  elder brett wilson

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